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In 2021, I trained with Grief UK and became a certified Grief Recovery Specialist. The Grief Recovery Method is a leading framework developed in the US to help individuals recover from the life-shattering impacts of bereavement. Whilst I also welcome conversations about grief in my coaching space, I am always open to addressing specific grief-trauma in a separate space and applying the Grief Recovery Method. This part of my work is only available in person.

Aside from Grief UK, as a Psychologist I have studied grief and bereavement for many years now, and am an advocate of books such as The Other Side of Sadness, an intensive study of the science of bereavement by George Bonanno, and When Breath Becomes Air, a beautiful self portrait by neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi. These books provide rare and meaningful insights into love and loss each in their unique way.

Personally, I started being a researcher and observer of grief over 20 years ago when I lost my mother to cancer. Unaware at the time that I was doing anything other than grieving, by my next few significant losses, I realised a part of me had evolved into the unique position of being very comfortable and present in the space of bereavement. I am open to exploring grief trauma with any of my clients, holding a space for them as they confront one of the toughest human experiences life can present.


Grief work as part of coaching can be held online or in London.

The Grief Recovery Method is only available in person in London or Cheltenham.

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