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As a Psychologist and Coach my main focus has been working with individuals and couples who are striving for better relationships. I see relationship dysfunction in many high-powered leaders and professionals, as the pressure of career success often leaves little space to be seen authentically and vulnerably by loved ones.


I have intensively studied relationship models such as monogamy, consensual nonmonogamy, and their variants, and have worked with couples of all different kinds. I am an advocate of relationship anarchy, a movement that aims to dismantle the rules and limitations of relationship models and empower couples to build their own model based on their own unique values and needs.


I am the creator of Conscious Relationship Remodelling©, a coaching framework that guides budding relationship anarchists through a reflective, insightful process, giving them the tools needed to build their own relationship model on their terms. For more information contact me at:


All coaching sessions are currently held online.

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