Thanks for visiting my website and checking out my blog. I write about overcoming adversity because I am fascinated by the human capacity to transform negative experiences into positive energy. So far I have met some amazing individuals, worked with some pretty cool organisations and faced some devastating personal losses that only fuelled my enthusiasm for life. Resilience and creativity in the face of adversity are a theme for me, both personally and professionally, and while areas of my studies have helped, it is the deep connections that I have shared with others that inspire me to explore life-nourishing patterns in the chaos.


I was nineteen when my mother died of breast cancer, and having lived a privileged life up until that point, I then crashed hopelessly as an adult. In the months that followed her death, I lost my job, my boyfriend, my home, my security and my sense of identity. I discovered loneliness, panic and intense fear for the first time. This was my first encounter with grief and it was savage. Fast-forward some years and by my fourth major loss, I realised that I had inadvertently developed a system for protecting my general health and happiness.

There is a transformative strength that exists within humans that can be harnessed through blood, sweat and tears, and by seeking help that is not always available in a culture that offers very little understanding and awareness. It is about turning pain into joy, failure into success, scars into strengths and rejection into motivation. I've met so many incredible people who have responded to adversity this way and my aim is to be as loud as possible so that more individuals can heal and grow in the same fashion.


- Level 3 Diplomas: Mindfulness | Diet & Nutrition | Life Skills Coaching

- MA The Arts: Brand Psychology, Arts Enterprise, Strategic Marketing Management

- BA Hons Business Entrepreneurship

- BTEC National Diploma Media


- I'm the Founder of Brandraven, a consultancy for ethical enterprises and charities.

- I laugh at my own jokes more than anyone else alive except my sister.

- I once ordered so much takeout for myself that I faked a party for the delivery guy out of shame.

- Things that make me smile: My sis, friends, furbabies, music, travel and the ocean.

- Things that make me hiss: The sound of hand-dryers, wastefulness and cruelty.




London & Cheltenham


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