I'm a Henley Executive Coach, Grief Recovery Specialist and change researcher focussing on resilience and the human capacity for adversity-led transformation. When I'm not delivering change, you can find me leading the marketing team at OLM Systems, a SAAS company disrupting and supporting the adult and child social care industry in the UK. A previous marketing and start-up consultant of several years, I've met some amazing individuals, worked with some pretty cool organisations and helped entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals. I've also faced some tough personal losses along the way that only fuelled my enthusiasm for these subjects. Resilience and creativity in the face of adversity are a theme for me, both personally and professionally, and while my studies formalise this learning, it is the deep connections I have shared with others that inspire me to explore life-changing patterns in the chaos.


I was nineteen when my mum died, and having lived a privileged life up until that point, I then crashed as a young adult. In the months that followed, I lost my security and sense of identity, and discovered loneliness, panic and intense fear for the first time. This was my first encounter with grief and adversity. Fast-forward some years and by my fourth encounter, I had developed a healthy system for protecting my wellbeing. Not all individuals have fair access to my education and opportunities though, and it pains me that cultural inequalities see too many individuals fall short to adversity when it strikes, some never fully recovering.

My belief is that a transformative quality exists within each of us that can be unlocked through brain-body health, life choices, by engaging in creative practices and by receiving support and knowledge that should be readily accessible to all. It is about turning pain into growth, failure into success, scars into strengths and rejection into motivation so that personal and professional potential can be achieved in spite of adversity. I've met so many incredible people who have overcome adversity this way and my aim is to be as loud and thorough as possible so that more individuals can heal and grow with the same approach.


  • Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching

  • Grief UK Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

  • Harvard X: Fundamentals of Neuroscience Parts 1, 2 and 3

  • MSc Psychology Conversion - in progress

  • MA The Arts: Brand Design Psychology | Arts & Health | Arts Enterprise | Strategic Marketing

  • BA Hons: Music | Business Entrepreneurship

  • Level 3 Diploma: Diet & Nutrition Practitioner | Mindfulness


  • Over 15 years as a marketer in the non-profit and government sectors.

  • Founder of Brandraven, a boutique design consultancy for ethical enterprises and charities.

  • Other organisations: Cranfield University, Open University, Met Police Service, Royal Society of Science, Choose to Grow Learning & Development, Guinness Partnership, Bedford Creative Arts.

  • Dancer, musician, artist, designer, writer and bookworm.

  • Always being followed by a whippet, always seeking cheesecake.