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I'm a Psychologist and Executive Coach specialising in leadership and relationships. I qualified as a Coach with Henley Business School in 2021, achieved an MSc in Psychology with BPP University in 2022, and am today a Member of the ICF and AC. I am now pursuing a doctorate in Counselling Psychology, which I aim to complete with the Metanoia Institute by 2026.

As a coach, I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists who are striving for better professional and personal harmony. I am the Founder of The Waters, a learning and coaching hub that promotes relationship anarchy, through which I offer a safe space for niche coaching conversations. And I am the creator of the Conscious Relationship Remodelling© framework for individuals and couples who wish to make their own relationship rules. I'm also the Marketing Director at Access Fertility, a leading IVF provider in the UK and Europe, and a company that shares my values.


A former business and start-up consultant of several years, I've met some amazing individuals and worked with many entrepreneurs and business owners. I've also faced some tough personal losses that only fuelled my enthusiasm for psychology. While my studies formalise my learning, it's the connections I've shared with others that inspire me to keep exploring the human capacity for love, resilience, and transformation.


  • Professional Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy: Grove Institute

  • Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching: Henley Business School

  • Grief Recovery Specialist: Grief UK

  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience: Harvard X

  • MSc Psychology: BPP University

  • MA The Arts: Northampton University

  • BA Hons Business Entrepreneurship: Northampton University

  • Level 3 Diet & Nutrition: Stonebridge College


  • Over 15 years as a marketer in the non-profit and government sectors.

  • Previous organisations: PWI, Cranfield University, Open University, MET Police Service, Royal Society of Science, Choose to Grow Learning & Development, Guinness Partnership, Bedford Creative Arts.

  • Dancer, musician, artist, designer, writer, bookworm, terrible chef.

  • Always being followed by a whippet.

  • Always seeking cheesecake.

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