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Have you been trying to overcome anxiety with little success? Do you suffer from panic attacks and fight-flight-freeze? Brawn to Brain offers a different approach to combatting anxiety by empowering our physical self first. By knowing and nourishing the intricacies of human anatomy in relation to anxiety, a powerful range of easy tricks and tools can be applied to shift the mind back to a state of calm. This is a practical guide to overcoming anxiety for those who feel at a loss with traditional approaches. If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks during harmless life activities and have made little to no progress with relaxation techniques, visualisation, meditation, hypnotherapy and other thinking and talking methods, perhaps a more physical solution is for you. The Brawn to Brain model is delivered through three steps; Step 1: Learn the foundations of an empowered self. Step 2: Create a controlled, positive sensory environment. Step 3: Apply yourself to your fears. Click on the thumbnail to download your free PDF copy. You can also view an epub version here.


I am offering this ebook for free but I would love for you to make a donation to my favourite charity ActionAid. I've set up a JustGiving page to support their coronavirus appeal as they are doing critical work to protect the poorest communities from Covid-19. Please click below to make a donation. Or if there is a charity that is closer to your heart, it would be just as lovely for you to donate to them.

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